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“It is not an ideal scenario”

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From shift in the IPL’s venue to the overall cricketing in the sub-continent. satish chapparike caught up with ICC’s Chief to talk about all this and more...

4Ps B&M: What’s your view about shifting IPL from India?
Safety and security is paramount and IPL is a domestic tournament run by the BCCI. If the organisers and the Indian Government are unable to reach a compromise to allow the tournament to take place with what are deemed to be the necessary levels of security, then those organisers will do what is in their best interests. From the IPL’s perspective it is not an ideal scenario.

4Ps B&M: Do you think that the terror attacks in Pakistan will have a long term impact on cricket in the sub-continent?
Security has always been a concern no matter where the game is being played. It is impossible to predict the long-term impact of the issue on cricket anywhere. It is something that we have said we will begin to discuss at the ICC’s Board meeting, set to take place in Dubai in the middle of next month.

4Ps B&M: The situation in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India is worrying. So what is going to happen to 2011 World Cup, which is slated to be played in the sub-continent?
Currently there is no plan to change the hosts of the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. The sub-continent countries – Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are still the hosts of the event. We will continue to monitor the situation closely. However, there is always a back-up venue for any major ICC event and for this event it is Australia and New Zealand, which was agreed by the ICC Board sometime ago.

4Ps B&M: Don’t you think IPL is growing beyond BCCI and ICC in terms of business venture and economic goliath?
IPL is owned and run by BCCI, which is a member of ICC. IPL is a domestic event and to try to compare it to an ICC international event is not appropriate. ICC events such as the World Cup and the ICC World Twenty20 involve international teams, which are also ICC member countries.

4Ps B&M: One cannot deny that there are talented young cricketers in ICL who have been denied a chance of representing their country. Comment.
ICC is in favour of a resolution to the issue of ICL, as that is in the best interest of cricket. It is an issue that will be considered during the ICC’s next Board meeting in Dubai.

4Ps B&M: With Twenty20 becoming so popular, will test cricket become extinct?
Test cricket is the pinnacle of our game, cherished by international players as the ultimate in our great sport. Our members have also expressed a desire to ensure the primacy of international cricket, particularly test cricket. In fact they have formed a working group made up of representatives of all ICC members to ensure that test cricket is promoted well so that it continues to flourish. ICC and its members believe there is space for all three formats of the game to be embraced by all.

4Ps B&M: What are your plans to revive test cricket?
Test cricket is strong. One simply needs to look at the recent series between South Africa and Australia & the ongoing performance of the Indian cricket team to support this fact. ICC’s members are determined to ensure it grows stronger and the working group referred to already is one way of ensuring this. Each format has its own history. Test cricket is 132-years-old but still appeals to many people around the world. Even ODIs have been going for almost 40 years and have produced nine ICC Cricket World Cups dating back to 1975. Twenty20 cricket too has brought a new audience to the game, inspired a more positive approach in the other formats and produced a thrilling inaugural ICC World Twenty20 in 2007. The game is lucky to have such a great spread of formats.

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