Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sound of music


The multi-faceted and free-spirited Sophie Choudry returns with an album of original tracks, and a brand new channel on YouTube. Aakriti Bhardwaj in conversation with the remix queen of India

Sound of music You have studied at the esteemed Sciences Po Paris and LSE. How did a career in veejaying and music happen?

I was a very good student, I got four A's for my O level. At the same time I was determined to become an actor. Whilst I was studying, Biddu, who is my mentor and guide, launched me in a girl band Sansara and that's when we first came to India for work and did the videos for Yeh dil sun raha hai. It became really popular but like most girl bands we couldn't stand each other! Then I went back to complete my graduation.

With your latest album Sound of Sophie, are you sort of returning the favour to Biddu?

Not at all! Biddu is the man who launched me, I did my first two albums with him, he's the reason I moved to India. It was Biddu who said, "Kid, you need to move to India for one year and see what happens if you are serious about this." In one year, I became a VJ; Babu chhail chhabila happened. He has done me a favour in Sound of Sophie as he's completely retired from music and the last song he composed was If I can't have you for my album.

Of your various pursuits ' music, dancing, acting, modelling, anchoring ' which one is closest to your heart?

It is really hard to say. Veejaying was wonderful; it made me a household name. Acting is exciting; you wake up being someone different all the time. Singing is really the extension of who I am. That is where I creatively express who I am. I think singing gives me a three dimensional way of enjoying it: one, for the music; two, my music videos are like mini movies and I get to fulfil my fantasies in there, and three, for my live performances where I instantly reach out to my audience. Has there been a conscious effort to steer clear of remixes?

The reason I had to produce this album is because I did not want to do any remixes. When I did Ek Pardesi, it was so big that I don't think I'll be able to repeat that kind of success. I really think that phase is really done with. Today, film songs are becoming remixes. 'Aa Dekhen Zara' did a remix. If the film people are doing remixes then I don't think pop artists need to do it; pop artists need to create something original.

You are the first in India to be signed by YouTube to launch an official celebrity channel. How do you feel about it?

I am having a ball with the channel. I have got all these subscribers and I have got thousands and thousands of 'views'! I have only been active on it for a month but my video uploads have already had 200,000 hits. I am considering breaking my second video on YouTube exclusively.

Tell us about your forthcoming film Alibaug.

I'm grateful to Sanjay Gupta for giving me such a beautiful role. I play a girl called Nisha, and everybody feels that her life will turn out to be perfect ' she marries her college sweetheart ' but ends up going through a divorce. She transforms into 'real' woman ' strong and independent. She is a practicing psychiatrist whose own life is pretty complicated but she handles it with a lot of grace.

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