Sunday, March 27, 2011

KERALA POST OFFICE: Life beyond Letters

IIPM Proves Its Mettle Once Again...

Postal Orders are all the rage in rural India
Earlier the post office had limited roles to play in society. Usually, it was involved in sales of stamps, cards, inlands, transaction of money orders and running saving banks. But now all this has changed for good as the postal department is entering into all service activities. Opened in 1854 by Britain in India, the department is preparing itself for the changing times. During the P&T era, postal orders had been started for safe money transactions. The same time VPP was also started.

But from time to time the department has changed itself. Of late it has introduced the Postal Life Insurance that assures fewer premiums and more coverage. Parcel service was the continuation of post office's status as a retail outlet. Speed Post was launched to compete with private players who dominated the courier industry. In 1993'94, postal department embraced modernisation by adopting computerisation.

Then in 2001, the government controlled postal department entered into a joint venture with Western Union Money Transfer, an MNC which facilitated the easy money handling. Now, in the wake of Malhotra Committee recommendations, the department is working overtime to promote Rural Postal Life Insurance. E-post is another value addition. Scanned prints of any manuscript can be delivered to the addressee in a short period. Corporate electronic post is also available at affordable rates. Many government departments use them for routine mails of homogenous nature.

Bill mail service ' bulk dispatch of mobile phone bills ' is a great service for phone enthusiasts. In some states, even electricity and water bills are accepted in POs. In Kerala, BSNL phone bills are accepted. POs carry out address verifications for election commissions, mobile providers and municipalities. In Delhi, corporation taxes are also collected through POs. Media Post is a product under which post cards carry messages. POs exhibit sign boards as well. NREG payments are paid through them. In North East, even chartered flights are deployed for letter parcel transfer. This year, postal department in Kerala successfully distributed school textbooks after collecting from the production centre.

Sachar Commission Madrasa's pension was distributed by POs. It has become a rage as even scholarships are distributed through POs. Electronic MOs up to Rs 5,000 with 50 character messages are handled by POs. National pension scheme, foreign exchange dealing, MO abroad, sale of investment gold coins and passport processing are being carried out too. Now, a sophisticated monitoring system called Project Arrow is being implemented. India has 155,000 POs against US' 39,000 and China's 53,000.

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