Thursday, June 07, 2007

Feel the anima(tion) within!

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Feel the patriotic pulse with a Raj Kapoor flick or laugh your heart out with the classic Charlie Chaplin’s acts. Consider your muscles weaken on hearing the Fuhrèr roar out to German armed forces or get enamoured with the celebrity skirt (blowing) action once again... All this and many more; for amidst the storm created by animation, the choice may soon be yours! However, there is a special frontier yet uncharted – the line being drawn when it comes to creating forms of renowned individuals! And while many might delve over why this issue is so futuristic, experts elucidate that the lone impediment to the whole exercise of crafting real life (past) characters is that their realistic expressions will be simply based on mind’s eye – a thoroughly non-pragmatic technique which might not amuse viewers who’d associate themselves closely or possess thorough knowledge about the human subject in discussion. So while we might literally have history repeat itself, it just is getting delayed due to our attention to details; but we really can’t avoid it, eh?!

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IIPM Editorial, 2007

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