Tuesday, September 11, 2007

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LakshmiToni Straka CEFA & financial journalist, Der Standard, Reuters has been very good to shareholders in the last weeks. Defying any gravity, the US stocks – and behind them most other markets – hit new all time highs, late May. But the Dow Jones, currently flirting with the 13,500 mark – not to speak of the Sensex’ record run above 14,000 – faces a lot of hurdles on the way farther north.

US economic indicators keep painting a bleak picture. The annual economic growth rate has now slowed down to a dismal 2.8% after expanding 4.4% a year earlier. A look at the key factors for the US economy shows no relief – with 70% of American GDP coming from consumers and falling incomes in 3 of the last 4 months, add to the worries of a housing market that is about to tip to the downside, exposing homeowners to the new horror word of 2007: negative equity or “my house is less worth than my mortgage.” All recent housing numbers have fallen back to recession levels, last seen years ago.

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