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OOH is out-of-the-box!

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Catch him when he’s out of home!

OOH! They are coming for you and can get you anywhere; while using a dustbin, climbing an escalator, or even while using a public loo!

In Catch him when he’s out of home!today’s high-paced life, marketers are gearing up to catch the consumers where they spend most of their time – Out of Home! Yes! Even though, as a medium of advertising, Out of Home (OOH) existed even before TV happened, but as the innovative quotient is going up, traps are becoming increasingly unmissable. Savour this: has painted many malls with humorous (and easy recalled) messages reading: Easy Download here (above loos and downward escalators), easy uploads here (upward escalators). All this is a part of its jumbo marketing drive (the total campaign is worth an eye-popping $1.5-2 million) which includes viral campaigns, TVCs, road shows, et al. Arun Mehra, CMO, Zapak Digital Entertainment explains the choice, “Conventional medium is now boring. Marketers take almost similar punches so we opted for something that is innovative and connects instantly.”

As OOH activity is part of Zapak’s total campaign worth $1.5-2 millionthe clutter on television and print media increases, marketers are opting for other mediums like Internet, out-of-home and radio (isn’t 360˚communication the hottest trend in town!). In another out-of-box promotion, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge (TGILC) has tied up with the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) and over 1,000 dustbins and garbage vans are branded with messages like: “Kachra aur purane jokes yahan feykein”. And speaking of innovation, come across those people dressed up in bandages yet? Boasting slogans that speak of consequences of cracking old jokes, laughter vans are conducting ‘laughter check-ups’ and are identifying funny bones in people, across Mumbai and a few other cities. According to Ajay Vidyasagar of Star One, the drive was carried out to reinforce TGILC’s status as the pioneer of stand-up comedy, as also to promote the show. And when it is about catching the audience unaware, nothing works better than saying something cheeky and impudent, eh?

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