Wednesday, June 11, 2008


While other IT majors have begun to impress with flamboyant statements, HCL is stuck with a fuddy duddy image

This company virtually gave birth to the Indian computer industry, three loooong decades back. Cut to the present, HCL is still very much a proud Indian. Talk about low-end computers or high-end business solutions, the company practically has it all. The brand spans the entire infotech and digital spectrum today. Talking on the brand virtues, an HCL spokesperson told 4Ps B&M, “The single most important factor that has contributed to the success of the brand is differentiation.” Shiv Nadar, Founder, HCL, further adds, “What we have built across technologies, is the legitimacy and ability to be there.” Creativity, which too is an important facet of brand’s personality, reflects in its penetration across verticals such as aerospace and life sciences. HCL, as a brand, endeavours hard to not tread the beaten path, but do things differently. Now, it is focussing on a ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ of creating uncontested market spaces in unexplored territories, expecting 50% of its future business to come from technology areas that it has not entered yet. Though galloping ahead with its ‘FEARless’ campaign the brand needs to get rid of its fuddy duddy image. Brand HCL has gained enough stature to take on the world, this will help it to do the same, in style!

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IIPM Editorial, 2008

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