Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Brijesh Jacob (30), Grey Worldwide.

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Brijesh Jacob (30), Grey Worldwide. After meandering through life trying to sell anything from Carrier Aircons to his soul, this 30-year-old Calcutta-born and bred Malayalee decided to settle for advertising. The pay wasn’t good but anything to ensure that he never had to step out in the merciless Calcutta sun. And by this time, boosting the circulation of The Statesman (where he was working at that time) did not have the same kind of charm. A few years, agencies and a PG in Mass. Comm. later, coupled with a shift to Mumbai, Brijesh finds himself responsible for the creative product of Grey Mumbai. Prior to this, he was a Creative Director with Lowe, Mumbai. That was where he learnt the tricks of the trade. But it’s in places like Rediffusion DY&R and Saatchi & Saatchi, where self-admittedly, he has taken his first steps to success. He has won metals at Asia Pac Adfest, Promax and Outdoor Awards and has been a finalist at Cannes and New York festivals. All these apart from having his work featured in leading advertising annals like Campaign Brief’s Work. When he isn’t dreaming about that dream car or house, he is busy stuffing himself with rice, dal and fish curry and mindlessly cheering for Arsenal.

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