Thursday, October 16, 2008

JHUMPA LAHIRI - India’s Universal voice


India’s Universal voice

ExquisitelyJHUMPA LAHIRI observed characters. Elegantly measured narrative. Gentle, wise yet unassuming voice. Fearless open sensuality. Hidden complexity spun and weaved from simplicity. Prose of uncommon elegance and poise… Jhumpa Lahiri is all this and much more. Right from her debut collection till her latest zonker of this April release, this beautiful and gifted young lady has been wooed by awards, accolades and appreciation in profusion.

Lahiri’s strengths are those of a master story teller exploring a terrain that is at once both intensely personal and yet totally universal. They illuminate in undramatic, simple actions and activities in a magical fashion giving it a life of its own. What does the future augur for this brilliant and sensitive writer? Plenty. Lahiri’s three books have certainly placed her and India on the world map and reminded lovers of great literature that it is possible - even in these cynical times - to embrace both mass & class appeal if you are true to your art and craft & have the genius to chronicle mundane things in a way that engages, entertains, enriches & finally empowers…

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