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With global success stories like these to swear by, almost every marketer in India is wondering whether the green gamble will pay off this side of the Indus! And instead of losing sleep over the question, they are following the age old way – that of testing the market by soft-launching green products and services and letting consumers be judge and jury. Leading the pack without hesitation are the IT behemoths, who know that they can’t forever avoid the growing breed of environmentalists who swear by the sword to oppose them for anything that hurts the environment. If HCL Infosystems, the lone Indian-origin hardware company, introduced a complete lineup of eco-efficient consumer and business notebooks, compliant with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive last year, global giant Dell plans to produce (and also market in India) laptops and desktops that will use 25% less energy by 2010. Many IT majors have even begun designing their products in consideration of its environmental impact at each stage of the product’s life cycle. While the first steps have only just been taken in India, globally technology giants have been benefitting from their green initiatives for some time now. Apple, in fact, has discovered that going green literally translates into alternative revenue streams. Apple recycled 13 million pounds of e-waste in 2006, equivalent to 9.55% of all Apple products sold seven years earlier. Watchers at Apple expect these revenues to reach 20% in 2008.

Even Big Blue is keenly acquiring green hues, and is not restricting itself to merely eco-efficient notebooks. Under ‘Project Big Green’, IBM is selling green solutions to those corporate data centres where energy constraints and costs are limiting their ability to grow. The promise is that these solutions will help each data centre to cut their energy costs by half (a typical 25,000 square foot data centre spends $2.6 million in power annually). In India, the Big Blue (or should we say green!) has already executed data centre projects exceeding 2.5 lakh square feet for over 55 clients. Neeraj Sharma, Director, Infrastructure services, IBM (India) told 4Ps B&M, “Monetarily speaking, IBM saw strong signings performance of its Green Data Center services offerings that were announced in the second quarter of 2008. Nearly $220 million in new business have been signed in the 2nd quarter of 2008.”

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