Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BIG... BIGGER... ADAG! - Surbhi Chawla reviews the whys and wherefores...

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If RCOM added to ADAG’s overall brand value in a ‘big’ way, BIG TV – the company’s DTH venture – also added its brilliant mite, what with its much hyped launch. Add to that tactics like the launch of the new Reliance Energy bill in Mumbai – which has a very customer friendly and an easy to navigate design – and you have a brilliant positive word of mouth doing the rounds. Having said that, it is a clear fact that the recent gas controversy has taken its toll not only on the current ranking but also on group efforts moving them away from the primary business objectives. What is more critical is the scenario if the dispute and controversy continues further, the same might affect future rankings.

But what is more important is that ADAG does not build its brand only through its customers but also through numerous stakeholders on a daily basis. Shah tells us, “Reliance ADAG stocks are investor favourites. The task at hand has been to invest in micro-marketing initiatives rather than hi-decibel campaigns.” To meet this objective, Reliance Capital brand, for example, initiated an innovative drive to connect with its premium customer base through an association with theatre (in one specific case, Reliance Capital sponsored a musical show titled City of Dreams, which went on to be a complete sell out). ADAG, in the meanwhile, has kept reaping the benefits of being a valued brand for investors. The Reliance Infrastructure Fund, despite the market conditions, saw contrarian participation of over Rs.2,000 crores from retail investors, a figure which went completely beyond the forecasts.

The year 2008-09 also saw ADAG migrate ADLABS to BIG cinemas and heralded the launch of new BIG multiplexes across the globe, including in Malaysia and US. The BIG brand was also in the news for inking a multi billion dollar deal with Steven Spielberg to produce Hollywood movies.

“The BIG TV Brand will become even bigger with well planned & executed BTL & ATL [below the line, above the line] campaigns nationally,” adds Shah. Brand ‘BIG’ is also expected to strengthen ADAG’s play across platforms in the media and entertainment sectors, utilising the group’s education arms, NIS Sparta and NIS Academy. So where to from here on? How does ADAG make the last mile jump from the number three position to number one? With a lot of patience, and a little lesser of, well, controversies...

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