Tuesday, February 23, 2010

“We are doing a lot of BTL activities around the workshop areas.”

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It’s the approach that matters. More so, it’s all about customer interactions when it comes to becoming an auto-service bigwig. A 4Ps B&M exclusive...

4Ps B&M: Two months since you launched Carnation. What’s the distance covered?
By the end of June 2009, we had started operations in nine locations. The 10th came in July. Overall, our rollout has been quite decent, though some people call it aggressive. We are planning to open another 20 workshops by the end of the current fiscal...

4Ps B&M: How has been the initial response in the country?
Till date, we have serviced around 8000 vehicles but our motto is to sustain the initial response.

4Ps B&M: 8,000 alright; but then isn’t your model ‘similar’ to that of the authorised and local workshops?
It’s our approach that is different. The equipment that we use is world-class, which makes us different from the neighborhood workshops. And our approach is to minimise the cost of ownership of a vehicle, i.e. we focus on repairing an accidental part rather than changing it with a new one, unlike the case with the authorised workshops. Our target is very different and we want to be as transparent as water in customer service.

4Ps B&M: What efforts are you making to ensure footfalls? Any great attractive deals for the consumers?
We are doing a lot of BTL activities around the area where the workshop is located as it suits the current needs of the business and is economical too. Till the time the volume doesn’t build up and consumers aren’t aware of an Carnation experience, it’s of no use to offer them any form of deal or contract with the company.

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