Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We want to revolutionize biomedical research. When different disciplines get together, you create innovation


The Barcelona Science Park and IRB Barcelona exemplify the growth in the region. The PhD program attracts international students, and scientists from different departments wander freely among the various labs, exchanging ideas, continuing research, and innovating. New buildings are under construction. Across town, at the new Institute of Photonic Sciences, projects shed light on some challenging questions in biology today. One team, led by Dima Petrov, designs optical tweezers that can hold a cell in place, suspended in liquid, and then uses the same beam or a different laser source to per form chemical analyses of the cell. The result is a brightly colored visual display of the chemistry of a cell in situ. This novel technique can be useful in studying blood cells, which are best understood in suspension; it can help reveal, for example, the mechanism and location of drugs entering those cells.

Another team is at the early stages of using light to encourage neuron regrowth. “The problem is that neurons do not regenerate,” says Pablo Loza-Alvarez, who heads the team. “If a neuron is broken, from a degenerative disease or from a spinal-cord accident, there’s no way to repair it. We’re at the very beginning of tackling this problem.”

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