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A unique alarm clock demonstrates the power of a simple idea

As if we weren’t sick and tired of our Google searches already! MIT graduate Gauri Nanda’s popular invention – the Clocky alarm clock, now available for sale online (for around $50) since the second half of December 2006, promises to make search an integral part of your daily morning activities as well. Just press the snooze button of this little ‘monster’ early in the morning, and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about mean! As that’s when this clock runs away and hides, while persisting with its annoying sounds. So there’s the catch – to turn the darn thing off , you must first be able to seek it, and in the process, you end up bidding your bed Good Bye.

This technology was invented by Gauri Nanda in 2005, an invention which won her the Ig Nobel Award for Economics (as this could, at least theoretically, increase productivity of the population!) the same year. These awards honour improbable research projects that first ‘make people laugh and then make them think’. Stated Nanda on the impetus for her invention. ‘’I like my sleep... I’ve been known to hit the snooze button for two hours, or even accidentally turn off the alarm.” Now 27, Nanda has turned entrepreneur, and plans to launch more innovative products which she hopes will become an indispensable part of people’s lives.

Once the snooze alarm button is hit, the clock, which is embedded with shock absorbing materials and rubber wheels tumbles down from the table and rattles away to some isolated place, where it would ring for another 10 minutes before going off . An in-built microprocessor, which controls its speed and direction, enables Clocky to find its own routes, which means it also changes its place of hiding every day.

Clocky stands out amongst most technological inventions today in that it does not signify a fantabulous technological breakthrough, rather it represents the power of a simple, yet thoughtful idea on the part of its inventor. You could consider it like a family member, who cares if you do not make it to your appointments in time. Technology can be human too!

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IIPM Editorial, 2007

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